Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Gemporia Wishlist

Gemporia is an affordable online jewellery store that sells a huge range of items for all budgets and styles. As you can probably tell from my wishlist, I'm definitely a silver/white gold girl. Gold and rose gold just doesn't suit me, I think it might be that I'm a redhead because I find silver compliments me a lot more. 

My favourite stone that they have on their website is the "mercury mystic" and the "blue topaz" and I love the opal effect. I chose quite a few rings because I just don't wear rings and I think I definitely need to. The mercury mystic rings are gorgeous and they start off really affordable, in fact, I think all the jewellery is very affordable to say that the quality looks really good and they tell you on the pages all about the stone and the carat of the jewellery. 

I also really love the selection of earrings they have, those drop down ones are so nice and really on trend. I've been after some of those style earrings for a while but I didn't want to get cheap ones that will turn my ears green because we all know that's the worst look ever. I really like how they have classic pieces and then really modern pieces like the Spinel necklace, which I'm gutted is out of stock! I really recommend checking them out, especially if you're like me and like quite simple but beautiful jewellery.

Which piece is your favourite? 

Til' next time! XOXO
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