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When I saw an opportunity to collab with over at The Blogger Programme I got very excited, mainly because I like to treat my animals and I also like to find new things to feed them. As someone who has worked in a pet shop, I love as even when I had 20% discount at said pet shop, it was still the cheaper option for me to get my dogs food from. They have a great bottomless bowl programme where you can choose how often you get products delivered and it seriously takes a weight off your shoulders knowing that you'll always be getting your food on time for your animals.

I have two giant American bulldogs and they go through a lot of food and so get very grumpy if they run out, I get two 15kg bags of food delivered a month for them and it's such a good way to keep them getting the right food but at a great price. It's definitely cheap compared to most places and high-quality brands such as James Wellbeloved and Eukanuba is at a great discount compared to most stores in the UK. were kind enough to send my dogs and bunnies some treats. I like how they have products for all animals and I'm going to start getting my rabbit food with the bottomless bowl deal as again it's cheaper than the pet shop I worked at including if I had my 20% discount!

The first thing they sent me was a 2kg bag of Canagan dog food which is a very high quality brand of dog food that is ideal for dogs with sensitive skin and stomach as it has over 60% chicken in it compared to other brands that fill their food with wheat and other nasty stuff that isn't good for your dogs. It is also wheat-free and perfect for Freya, my girl doggy who has really sensitive skin and ears. They wolfed this food down and I can't believe how much they liked it! It is rather pricey, this small bag being £13.49 but ideal if you have a smaller dog who doesn't eat nearly as much as my dogs.

(Freya pretending to be a lady when we all know she isn't)

The next thing that Freya and Chester received was these Pet Munchies dog treats which are 100% natural chicken fillets and they absolutely loved these. I try and give them natural treats rather than fatty, additive filled treats from brands as these are just so rubbish for their skin and make them put on weight. Freya is already a fatty but giving her natural treats makes me feel a lot less guilty than if I was giving her rawhide or a treat that was full of additives and sugar. These are reasonably priced starting at £1.59. 

The final thing the dogs got was the tin of Natures Menu dog food that is a duck with plum flavoured, making it feel extra fancy. I haven't actually given them this yet because I keep forgetting but they have had Natures Menu before and they love the frozen chunks that they do. I think getting tins like this is great to get them to eat their biscuits when they're feeling stubborn, which is a rare occurrence for my greedy dogs. 

Again, this is full of good stuff and has no grain in it meaning it's ideal for sensitive skin. Nature's Menu is a great brand and really reasonably priced. These tins are around £2.20 each and they are really big meaning that this one tin can easily be split between my two 12 stone dogs. All the flavours of this range are very fancy such as venison with blueberries, salmon with raspberry and so on. 

Bernard also got a little treat with this Burgess Excel rabbit herbage which is hay with little bits of herbs in it. Bernard is so stubborn when it comes to hay and would rather poop in his than eat it, but this he actually eats which is such a relief. If rabbits don't eat their hay their teeth can get very long and become painful and infected. I've had a bunny before who refused to eat his hay and had to have very expensive surgery to correct. If you have bunnies who don't like to eat their hay I would definitely recommend getting something like this! It aids their digestion and has herbs that are good for their immune system what they also love to eat. This is really well priced on their website at around £3.34 and I might add this to my bottomless bowl order. 

My bunnies outside, Storm & Ivy also liked it but they refuse to let me get a picture of them because they are stubborn ladies who prefer to munch in private. Bernard, however, has no protests against it so have an extra Bernard picture in place of the ladies. 

Overall I'm really happy with these goodies that I was gifted from and it's made me love the online store even more. Everything is so reasonably priced and they offer great delivery times. Whenever I've ordered something it's always come within 1 or 2 working days which is great when you have demanding animals who want food. 

There are choices on here for all types of animals with all different needs and if you have pets, I'd definitely recommend checking out this website and the selection they have! Do you have any pets? Have you used this website before? 

Til' next time! XOXO

*I was sent these items for review, all opinions are honest & my own. Although in this case, all opinions are mainly from Chester, Bernard, Freya, Storm & Ivy


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