Friday, 18 March 2016

Things That Have Pissed Me Off This Week #2

I'm an angry person and I find that instead of going ape in real life, writing down my frustrations and thoughts can really prevent me from murdering someone in day to day life. So, these are the things that have really annoyed me this week and what I have to rant about before I punch a wall or you know, throw a mug.

Just Fab
Now we all know about Just Fab, the shoe/bag company that is £35 a month and lots of people call it a scam. They advertise EVERYWHERE and make it seem so appealing. Now, I didn't sign up to Just Fab but my mum did and she paid for it for a couple of months. Everything seemed great, she was getting really nice shoes and sometimes let me pick a pair. Now, not only are the heels sized really small, which is my first complaint but the shoes are shit. Shit, there I said it. Wankedy wank bank. My mum picked a pair of great "rocker" boots and I picked a flat pair of calf length boots that were black and perfect for every day. I'd say that we've worn both pairs around 10 times each and the soles came off! Sturdy thick soles came away from the boots, two different pairs! 

Now, I understand that we've worn the boots quite a lot and I expected wear but not for them to fall apart so quickly. These boots are £35 a pair which isn't bloody cheap and I'd definitely expect them to last longer than 3 months! I've had shoes and boots from Primark for like a tenner that have lasted longer than this. I just couldn't believe it. Also, the heels are fucking uncomfortable. Like, I'm a size 6 and the size 6 will pinch my toes, not fit and be all around uncomfortable. My advice would be, steer clear. I know people steer clear because of the whole hard to block thing, but my advice would be to not even be tempted. It's a waste of money and the quality is absolute pants. 

Fish in the office
Now, this is something that I think should be an unwritten rule. If you work in an office environment that has one kitchen with one microwave, don't have fish for your lunch! I don't care if your microwave fish pie from Sainsbury's was on offer for a £1, I can smell fish for the rest of the day and want to strangle you. 

This is something that has pissed me off, but kind of made me pissed off at myself. I am not fit, I haven't been properly exercising for a while but I really want to get back into and I'm trying. I went for a 4-mile walk the other day and take my dogs out every day, but then when I try and do something harder like Kayla Itsines BBG, I find it so hard and it doesn't motivate me! I am pissed off that I'm not able to do it the whole way through and pissed off that I can't motivate myself to just keep going. 

Last night I did only one lot of 7 minutes and then decided, fuck it I'll just put on some music and dance around my room like an idiot. That's cardio, right? I know it's my own fault for letting my fitness level get so low and it'll take time to build it back up again but it still pisses me off that I can't just get straight back into being a macho woman. 

Those are the things that have pissed me off this week! Thanks one again for being my outlet for every emotion I have and thank you for your lovely comments on my post on Monday. What has pissed you off this week? 

Til' next time! XOXO


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