Monday, 4 April 2016

April Goals & Why 2016 Is My Year

I actually can't believe how quick this year is going but I have to say, 2016 for me so far is looking like a very good year. I'm 20 now and although I'm in no way a grown up, I'm at the stage in life where I want to travel and explore. I have a really good job that I've just got a promotion in, amazing friends and I'm super happy.

I feel like I have so much to look forward to in 2016 and loads of trips to take that I am taking so many positive steps to make my life what I want it to be. Life is too short to not do the things you want to do or second guess yourself. I want to live my 20's to the full and see so much of the world. I would never be the type of traveller to go backpacking or go alone, but I have so many weekends away and little trips planned with my loved ones that I literally am brimming with excitement all the time!

I posted a post a few weeks ago about the demons I'm currently fighting and although that's still true, I have surrounded myself with positivity and gave myself a firm telling off. I've become a person who worries less about little things such as using too much of my overdraft or having a messy room. I get paid and I don't want to spend it on boring things I want to spend it on having fun and seeing the world, so that's what I'm going to do. I know that in 10 years I'm not going to look back on this and regret it, I'd regret it a lot more if I chose to stay in and save.

I've always been a money saver and the past couple of years I haven't been earning enough money to actually save. But, it's like I had an epiphany and asked myself what would I be saving for? I'm 20 for gods sake and not ready to start saving for a mortgage and I have a good relationship with my parents and that I'm forever grateful for and that I actually have the choice to live at home.

2016 for me is the year where I'm gonna find myself and learn to love myself (cliche or what?!) and I'm going to enjoy it while I'm still young. I'm really lucky that I found a good job out of college and that I didn't want to go to uni because it gives me the opportunity to earn money rather than relying on my student loans, not that I'm condemning university, it just wasn't the one for me! I'm just very excited lately and loving life, sorry if I sound like a smug cow.

My goals for April are pretty simple.

Hit the gym hard
If I went through my goals posts I think this would be in 75% of them, but this time, I am the most serious. I rejoined Pure Gym which is next door to my mums work and so we've joined together. I haven't come up with a plan as to what I'm doing yet but I decided that doing more classes rather than aimlessly wandering around the gym not knowing what to go on would help. I went to my first class yesterday, a Kettlebell class, and everything hurts today! I knew I want unfit but man, squats with kettlebells are the DEVIL! But gotta think of that booty right?

Food prep
This ties in with my fitness as I've found that if I don't prep my food I end up just having chips and veggie fingers for my tea or go and get a meal deal for my lunch. I ordered some bulk ingredients from Amazon and got oats, quinoa and chia seeds. I want to start doing overnight oats for my breakfast or smoothies and add the chia seeds or smoothies to grab and drink at my desk. Breakfast for me is something I find easiest if I have time. But sometimes you just don't have time and having something I can grab and take to work is ideal. I bought the quinoa because I've wanted to buy some for ages as an alternative to rice or pasta and make salads for lunch or add it to my tea instead of rice. I'm in serious holiday bod mode and I want this motivation to continue!

Become more organised
Organisation is the one thing I always list as my weakness. I have never been organised and I struggle with it all the time. I really want to focus on my organisation throughout everything in my day to day life. For my blog, I want to organise a list of blog posts ideas and organise a session where I can take pictures in bulk then organise what I want for my blog.

For day to day life, I need to organise the gym more and not rush around in the morning trying to get my gym kit together. I also need to organise my food and write down a list of what I need and what I will make with it so it's not just going to waste in the fridge. I also need to stop just sitting and watching Jane The Virgin in bed all day (my new obsession).

Refocus on Dairy Free 
I think this month for me is again focusing more on myself and lifestyle changes I want to make. I'm still majority dairy free but I had a couple of blips over Easter when my mum just wouldn't stop buying chocolate, I know that's no excuse but Easter right?! So I again want to focus on going 100% dairy free and remember to bring Soya milk into work because I always forget and I desperately need coffee at work. I also ended up having a big mac meal with a milkshake when I was drunk last week and the next morning I woke up like "WHAT HAVE I DONE?" and mentally slapped drunk Courtney who I have learned, cannot be trusted.

I did try one of the pizzas at Zizzi's with the vegan cheese and omg, it was great! It's the best dairy free pizza I have tried and that's not saying much because I've just avoided pizza lately. I do miss junk food like nachos, mozzarella sticks and pizza but I think it's better for my diet that I avoid those anyway lol.

That's it for my April goals as you can see they are mainly about dieting but they are also things I can change easily and would really help my wellbeing. I don't want to go on any radical diets this time because they just don't suit me and I either get crabby, ill or just miserable. I don't want to restrict myself, I just want to become healthier! What are your goals for April?

Til' next time! XOXO


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