Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Feeling Floral with Williamson Tea

I am a massive tea lover. In my house, if you say no to a cup of tea, you're either ill or weird. We go through so much tea and milk you'd think we were hydrating the whole of England, but no it's just me and my dad and our addiction to Yorkshire Tea. Although, I am also a fan of all different types of tea and usually just drink green tea or peppermint tea while I'm at work so that I don't go into caffeine overdrive.

So, when Williamson Tea contacted me and asked if I wanted to sample some of their tea I jumped at the chance. For one, we share a name (my surname is Williamson) and for another, I've actually seen a few reviews of their tea and they are all positive. Williamson Tea is committed to growing high quality, sustainable tea which I really admire and they have over 140 years of experience in the art of tea growing. What I like about Williamson tea is that they have complete control over the growing of their tea as it is all on their own farms, which means you know that every brew you make is going to be of high quality.

They sent me two sets of tea, a 5 pack sampler of their Green Tea and their newly launched Earl Grey with Blue Flowers which smells amazing when you open the tub. It has the typical Earl Grey scent but the floral aroma really comes through and although floral isn't really my thing, it has a relaxing effect. They also sent me a Williamson Tea enamel mug which my dad got very excited about and asked whether he could take it to work to drink his tea in, bless him. 

Now, I'm going to be honest with you guys because I always am, I'm not the hugest fan of Earl Grey and honestly don't get it. Are you meant to have it black? Are you meant to have milk with it? So, I turned to my mum who likes it but she takes it with milk like a weirdo and I don't think this specific Earl Grey is meant to be paired with milk so I just brewed it the traditional way. The floral aroma becomes more empowering when brewing and again, it's nice and relaxing. I could imagine sipping this while lounging about reading a book. Although I'm not a huge Earl Grey fan I found this one quite pleasant and not as bitter as Earl Grey's I've tried before. It's a really unique flavour that I think a lot of people will enjoy. I haven't tried the Green Tea yet but I'm looking forward to it, I love green tea. 

I can't finish this post without talking about the packaging that the Williamson tea comes in. It's amazing and I literally "oohed" and "aahed" when I opened the package. Their tea is grown in Kenya and £1 from all Elephant caddies purchased goes to David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust which supports the welfare of elephants and rhinos which is something I feel very strongly about and honestly makes the price of the tea worth it. They aren't cheap at £12.50 for 20 tea bags, but knowing a portion of this will go to helping amazing animals against the threat of poaching then it's worth it. The packaging of this tin and all the tins on the website are so beautiful and I'd honestly recommend checking them out. Also, make sure to check out Williamson tea's Twitter and their Instagram where they regularly post about the charity they support.

Williamson Tea have also offered you lovely lot 20% off the Earl Grey Blue Flowers collection by using the code blueblueflowers at the till, which is available for two weeks!  

Til' next time! XOXO
*these products were sent to me for review, but all opinions are honest and my own as always.


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