Wednesday, 11 May 2016

ASOS Holiday Wishlist

I am going on a lot of holidays this year and I don't say that in a bragging way, it's actually making me quite panicked. At the end of this month I head off to Portugal for 4 days with some friends from work, then in July I waltz away to Ibiza with my girls then in the October I'm going to Portugal again with my family for a week. I feel so underprepared for these holidays and I sorted through all my clothes from last year to come to the realisation that I hate them all, I know, first world problems, right? ASOS is my number one destination for clothes, always has been and always will be and their holiday selection is on point this year.

I love the pink flowy maxi dress and it would be perfect for the beach, especially over the orange swimsuit which is so out of my comfort zone but so pretty. Do orange and gingers go? I'm pretty sure they don't. I usually get my sandals and flip flops from Primark because I'm such a cheapskate but these espadrilles are so pretty & I love the colour.

What's your favourite item & are you going anywhere on holiday this year?

Til' next time! XOXO


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