Monday, 23 May 2016

May Candle Belle #MEGAMELTBOX

Once again Candle Belle manage to wow me with their fragrances and their wax melts. The scents and sizes of the wax melts themselves never let me down, even if the actual fragrance isn't up my street. 

Home Sweet Home - cinnamon, clove, rose, ylang-ylang and freshly brewed tea. 
I am not going to preach, but we all know the hate-hate relationship that I have with cinnamon. I also really dislike clove and floral scents so this isn't a winner to me.

French Lavender - lavender complemented by bergamot, eucalyptus, citrus zest, sage, pine and lily of the valley.
Again, another scent I greatly dislike is lavender. My mum is obsessed with the scent and when I was a child I didn't sleep well so she would soak everything in the vicinity of my bed in lavender in an effort to get me to sleep. It didn't work and just left me with a hatred of the stuff. This lavender scent is very subtle and fresh.

Raspberry Ripple - sweet raspberry with vanilla ice cream, subtle coconut and toasted meringue.
This one is super sweet and I've seen people refer to this as "drumstick lolly scented" which is a pretty accurate description.

Red Delicious - a true apple scent. 
Describing this just as a bog standard apple is pretty true to what it smells like. It's crisp and fresh like an apple but there is a base note of greenery that I assume is the tree in which apples grow. It's really nice, but I can't imagine it being strong when melted.

Vanilla Chai - chai tea leaves, vanilla milk with perky ginger and cinnamon. 
I don't really like chai tea or the scent of it. It's very spicy to me and as you know, I don't like cinnamon. This one is quite sweet with the vanilla milk and so I don't totally hate it, but again, it isn't my favourite.

Loving Spell - perfume with sweet mandarin, bergamot and tangerine, middle notes of fresh peach, strawberry and raspberry, all against musk.
I don't usually like scents that are based on perfume as I find them old lady like, but this one is pleasantly surprising. I think as it's based with lots of fruit scents it makes it sweet and refreshing rather than too musky.

Baby Powder - citrus notes, soft florals and musk create this classic scent. 
There's not much to say about this one other than it is very close to the real life scent and is quite pleasant if that's the sort of scent you like.

Balmy Beaches - a balmy breeze of sweet orange flower, lemony citrus, fresh lavender and powdery musk.
I honestly don't know how to describe this one but it is pleasant although it doesn't remind me of beaches, but definitely the scent of being on holiday.

Lemon Meringue - true lemon with bakery tones to recreate the perfect buttery crust with a hint of meringue.
Now this one smells so true to what a lemon meringue smells like I almost want to bite it. It's buttery and lemony and so delicious.

I never have a bad thing to say about the #MEGAMELTBOX from Candle Belle and this month is no different. There were a couple of scents not up my street but the others were amazing quality. For £11, a month you get 9 melts and they are always top quality. I can't recommend this box enough and if you're a fan of wax melts, Candle Belle are the perfect company to start with.

Til' next time! XOXO


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