Monday, 16 May 2016

The £1.70 Brush Set

I am not someone who can comfortably spend £60 of my own money on a brush set. I will ask for them for Christmas/ birthdays but there's just something in my brain that will not let me pay that much myself, no matter how much I admire them. Most of the brushes I own, bar an Urban Decay eye brush here and there, is cheap and most likely from eBay. They work well and my makeup seems to do what I want it to do, so as they say if it's not broke...

I saw a post on Makeup Savvy where she does a series of eBay bargains and she featured this brush set, which is currently on eBay for £1.70. So, even if this set was absolutely rubbish and unusable, it was less than £2! Luckily, they are very much useable.

In this set, you get 6 brushes and they are mainly eye brushes with 1 that could be used for powder to set your undereye concealer. The others are an eyebrow brush, a soft pointed brush that would be ideal for eyeshadow in the crease, a large blending brush, a flat brush and another large brush that they say is a concealer brush.

Surprisingly, they are super soft and although they are artificial, they aren't at all hard to the eye and so good for people with sensitive eyes. They feel really sturdy and the handles are nice to grip with a nice bamboo style. For less than £2, I can't complain about these at all. I haven't used them too much but when I've been testing them I noticed little to no fallout, which shows they are quite good quality.

They are from Asia and so took a while to get to the UK but they still arrived before the estimated delivery time on eBay, which is a bonus in my eyes. It does say on the actual eBay page that these are so cheap due to a big sale so I don't know how long they will be available. If I were you I'd pick them up now while they're still cheap, they definitely do the job just right for people who are on a budget!

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