Monday, 13 June 2016

Summer Goals

I sometimes do a monthly goals post but I ended up feeling pants when I didn't meet them and so thought a "seasonal" goal might be easier to achieve as I have more time to do it and plus, who doesn't love Summer? Summer for me this year is shaping up to be a good one. I go to Ibiza in July with my girls and then have loads of little trips away planned such as a spa weekend with my momma bear and shopping trips.

I live in Sheffield, but my mum has moved away to Reading for work so she lives down there five days a week and comes home at the weekend. Reading is far from Sheffield at about 3 and a half hours to get there so it doesn't make sense for me to go and see her every weekend and she does sometimes stay down there if she has a lot of work on or is really tired. I really want to go visit her down there and we're planning on spending a long weekend there and doing an overnight trip to Brighton which I'm very excited about, Brighton is somewhere I've always wanted to visit. She's also allowing me and my friends to use her flat when she comes home so we can go down there and maybe go to Thorpe Park or have a night out in London.

Make The Most Of It
I'm 21 this year and after that, I feel like I should be more responsible with my money. So, while I'm still 20 I'm going to live like every week is my last and spend my money like it's going out of style. I'm very very lucky to live at home and not pay board and so the only responsibilities I have are towards my job and my car, plus my doggies and bunnies.

I have quite a bit of disposable income and while it would be smart to put that towards my future, I don't want to. Instead I'm going to spend it on travelling and clothes and makeup and drinking and dancing, all the things I want to do. I have no attachments and I'm fully aware that I need to take advantage of it before life smacks me in the face.

Be Better With Suncream
This might seem like an odd summer goal but I'm ginger and I burn. I recently went to Portugal for 4 days and it was around 26 degrees, which isn't amazingly hot, but I still burnt really badly and that was with factor 30 on! I want to try and avoid burning where I can, wear factor 50 and sit in the shade if I feel like I'm burning.

I do think some people get so focused on tanning and it can be harmful. I just need to accept that I'm ginger through and through and the only tan I will ever have is out of a bottle.

Get Organised
I have a problem that when I go on holiday I just shove 80% of my holiday clothes in my suitcase and hope for the best. Then I'll get to the destination and realise I have no outfit choices and nothing to wear. It's my own fault really, but I want to plan my packing more so that I know what I'm wearing and take an appropriate amount of clothing instead of overpacking but still having no clothes.

Plus, this year for Ibiza, 3 of us are sharing a case to save money and so I need to make sure I plan out as I don't have that much room. Same with toiletries, instead of all buying a shampoo, a shower gel, blah blah, we need to organise who takes what so we have enough but it doesn't weigh us down. I will plan these things!

Stay In Love With The Gym
I have been loving the gym lately. I go around 4 times a week and do an hour at least each time. Currently, I do Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday which gives me 3 days off but also means that I'm going enough to make a difference. I think if I went too much I'd end up tiring myself out and probably hurting myself cause I am clumsy AF!

I think as well as actually loving the classes and the instructors I am really enjoying seeing the difference it is making to my body. I feel stronger, more toned and just healthier. I know you hear this a lot but exercise really does make me feel better, must be the endorphins! I hope I keep it up and continue to see a difference.

Make More Time For Me
At the moment, I am single and happy with very little stress in my life (contrary to what the spots on my face will tell you) and I think a lot of that is down to giving myself time to do what I want and relax. I can get stressed with work, family issues and yes my blogging can sometimes stress me out. It's not the end of the world if I miss a post here and there or if I do something wrong at work. If I feel myself getting to a level where I start getting anxious then I tell myself to go home, have a bubble bath and paint my nails or something. Yes, it's not revolutionary but sometimes it's what you need.

Sometimes I will spend all day in bed while it's sunny, watching Netflix instead of taking blog photos but who cares? I'm allowed time to do what I want and if I'm happy, that's all that matters right? I have a selfish theme this year but I don't care. I enjoy being selfish sometimes and I sure as hell deserve to be selfish when it comes to my happiness.

These are just some of my summer goals. I could go on all day about things I want to do this summer, but these are my core focuses. I am happy at the moment and although my blogging has been a bit crap lately, which I can admit too, I do hope to make more of an effort with it.

I am doing a bit of a spending ban with makeup as I save up for Ibiza, so it can hard to come up with content for a beauty blog when you're not buying beauty items! You guys will just have to cope with my witty commentary on my very boring life. What are your goals this summer?

Til' next time! XOXO


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